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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Angels Watching Over Me!

Got His angels watching over me, every move I make,
Angles watching over me!
Angels watching over me, every step I take,
Angels watching over me!

You know, I’ve always like that song!

Mt Olivet Cemetery-3 Mt Olivet Cemetery-11

The angels were definitely watching over me during sunrise at Mt. Olivet Cemetery!  I learned a very valuable lesson about sharing too much information on Face Book, and how awesomely Blessed I am or was!

Mt Olivet Cemetery-15 Mt Olivet Cemetery-7 Mt Olivet Cemetery-9

On Saturday, I posted on Face Book that I was interested in catching a sunrise, and if anyone was interested, let me know.  Well, one of my FB friends spoke up and asked where I was going.  The naive person that I am, immediately answered her and said either Pooles Knob, or Mt. Olivet Cemetery.   I did not think anything about it.  Well, the day went on, and no one else spoke up, so I decided I would go by myself.  The person I had spoken to earlier, said she would be there.  

Fast forward to the next morning.  4:30 a.m. and the coffee is brewing, the batteries are charged, the memory cards are formatted, and I am ready for the sun.  As I’m walking around the dark and gothic cemetery a van pulls up the hill and parks about a 100 yards away, with their lights shining right on me.  I go directly into big, bad, bald, kick butt mode!  The camera goes up, the glasses come off, and the tripod is folded into weapon mode.  I’m ready…for what I have no idea, but I’m ready.

Mt Olivet Cemetery-2 Mt Olivet Cemetery-5 Mt Olivet Cemetery-8

All of the sudden the van pulls up and parks right behind my car.  OK, game on, I’m a lean, mean tripod welding, fighting machine. Not really, I’m scared!!!  Then she, that’s right, she gets out of her van, walks around back and raises the hatch.  All while talking on her cell phone in a loud voice.  The person on the other end was either still asleep, or hard of hearing.  This is where it’s gets real interesting, she’s loudly telling the sleeping/hard of hearing person the following words: 


I’m thinking, “Oh no,I have a stalker who read on Face Book where I was going to be!”   Let’s just say, this old, folliclly challenged guy was skeered!

As I gingerly walked around her van, her daughter jumped out and said, “I told mama it was another photographer”.  That’s when I said, very politely mind you, “WHO is your mama?” As it turned out, I did know her and the person that was on the phone.  So. all in all, my Guardian Angels kept me safe once more.  And as you can see, we had a gorgeous sunrise and really awesome fellowship that morning.

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For some more fantastic photos from this cemetery, may I recommend the FLICKR Group for Mt. Olivet Cemetery!

Morale of the story, when asking if anyone wants to meet up for a pre-dawn sunrise shoot, tell ‘em to email you and you’ll share your destination! :~}

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