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Well, it's me of course! Hi, I'm Scott, just an ordinary guy who loves life and all the little nuances that it brings! Simply put, I'm a father to a wonderful son, a husband to a beautiful wife, and an amateur photographer who enjoys looking at the world through a piece of glass! I took up photography a couple of years ago, after having gastric bypass surgery. Since 12/07, I have lost 180 pounds, but found a real passion for documenting life with my camera. I could say that the big names out there have inspired me, and they have, But my true inspiration comes from the people I meet everyday who share the same thoughts and zeal I have for photography. We are truly blessed with some really great photographers around Nashville. So, what are you waiting for.... ...grab a camera, snap some pics, and enjoy life to the fullest!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Incoherent ramblings of an "Amusement Park Wannabe"!

I guess I had the worst day since my weight loss surgery on Friday.

I had the privilege, nay the pleasure, or better yet, the "experience" of chaperoning 150 fifth graders to Beech Bend amusement park on Friday. Now, I only had 2 kids to wrangle, but this is what the teacher told me..."Your 2 kids are like 15, GOOD LUCK!"
The bad part, one of them was mine!

I had no problem with the boys! I guess you can say the only mishap of the day was when RJ and Will decided to see who could get the bloodiest cut on thier head while driving go-carts! That's a whole nother story that involves the first aid trauma center and blood! But I digress, Will won and recieved a new Beech Bend shirt for his troubles. Although he wanted to wear his "bloody shirt" as badge of honor!

These are my 2, RJ & Will!

After the second thrill ride, I called my wife. Click here for what she shared with my weight loss buddies!

I can say this, I pulled out my best Gloria Gaynor impersonation and started singing.

I did survive, barely! The boys laughed till they cried, the parents commiserated, and the park employees were ready with mop and bucket if needed! Luckily, that did not happen!

I did get extremely woozy, and turned a few shades of green, pink and purple! The good news is I did not share my breakfast with the people to my right, left, above or below me!

I really would like to blame how I was feeling on my weight loss surgery. It just seems a natural explanation! Dr Dyer must have removed that portion of my anatomy that allows me to be turned, twisted, and tumulted at ungodly speeds, when he did my surgery. Or maybe my pouch just couldn't handle going one direction when my body went another?

Unfortunately, I must confess, I believe that "old age" has finally caught up with me. Now I know there are others that are older than me, who can do all of this without experiencing extreme nausea, good for you! I'll let you chaperon the next trip to an amusement park!?

Until then, let me show you what a 50 year old gastric bypass patient looks like after riding just "2" thrill rides:

All I can say is time I'll sit on a bench under a shade tree holding the purses!

I'm a wimp!!!!!!!
C Ya!

2 words of love !:

Susy said...

you do look a bit green. but got on those upside down, twisting ride. NO WAY!

Lori said...

Hey, Scott! "LoriBaby" here from the BE site. I just came across your website this morning... awesome! Great reading and great info.

Good for you for throwing those excuses out the window. It's easy to let it happen. You can do it!