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Sunday, May 17, 2009

The story of Betsy and Betty! Czechoslovakian Sisters!

I really am proud of this boy!

When he started playing cello I was kind of taken back. Here was this boy who loved him some football. I mean his exact words were, "I get to hit something when I'm mad, and I don't get into trouble". Then at the beginning of school year he brings home Betsy, a mid-sized cello!

Now, the story of how Betsy came home is really cute! At RJ's school, they have extra-curricular activities that you can sign up for. Since football season was in full swing, he decided to sign up for inter-mural flag football. Well, when he got to the head off the line, the teacher looked at him and said, "WOW, you have the best hands I've ever seen!" RJ immediately asked, "You mean I can carry the football?" "I'm too big to carry the football on my other team, this is great!" Boy, was he excited!!!!
The teacher looked at him with only those eyes a confused teacher can have. You know the type of look I'm speaking of. It's that look when they ask you something like... "What do you mean your dog ate your homework?" You get the picture, but her response something like..."No honey, not for football, but for the cello!" Hence, along came Betsy!

Now at Christmas, things became a little stranger. RJ received something you would not believe. A gift from his grandparents that he politely and quickly named Betty! That's right, Betsy's big sister, a full sized cello named Betty!

Hey, wait a minute, where did my smash mouth playing, tackle making, line blocking son, who we called "TANK JR", go?
That's right, he is now playing cello all the time. He proclaimed to us that his arm and wrist hurt too much when he was playing football. So he's decided to take up cello full time.
He will be taking private lessons this summer, along with attending a 3 week strings camp put on by Metro Schools!

I know I've said it before, but I'm gonna say it again...I really am proud of this boy!

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Bronie said...

good for him! (and it's cello, not ballet) :D