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Well, it's me of course! Hi, I'm Scott, just an ordinary guy who loves life and all the little nuances that it brings! Simply put, I'm a father to a wonderful son, a husband to a beautiful wife, and an amateur photographer who enjoys looking at the world through a piece of glass! I took up photography a couple of years ago, after having gastric bypass surgery. Since 12/07, I have lost 180 pounds, but found a real passion for documenting life with my camera. I could say that the big names out there have inspired me, and they have, But my true inspiration comes from the people I meet everyday who share the same thoughts and zeal I have for photography. We are truly blessed with some really great photographers around Nashville. So, what are you waiting for.... ...grab a camera, snap some pics, and enjoy life to the fullest!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Blue Hour With KW-Daddio


Most of you guys know I’m all about learning.  If I take a class and I’m able to walk away with even a smidgen of info, then it was a successful class.  I mean come on, we can learn something new everyday of our lives.  Heck, when I’m on my death bed, I want to be able to say, “Wow, I didn't know that, thanks for sharing”!  Well, a couple of months ago I was able to take an online e-class with Kent Weakely that was phenomenal!  If you get the chance to take it, you better!  If not, I’m gonna hunt you down and…we won’t go there.  LOL!

Any who, this E-class dealt with Night Photography.  Taking photographs with the absence of light, come on, what was I thinking?  Well, this class actually caused me to look at sunrise and sundown in a whole new light.  LOL!  As much as I love my sunrises,  I’m falling more in love with sunsets and the beauty that explodes as the night sky encroaches. 

Sunrises for me are all about color.  Just look at the oranges, reds and purples that abound in a sunrise shot.  Come on., these colors are drop dead gorgeous.  But then you start looking at the colors of an evening sky.  WOW, I must say, cobalt blue is beginning to be one  my favorite color of all. 

Saunders Ferry Sunrise-020-Edit-Edit

Skyline Sunset April 25-006-Edit-3-2

5 shot panorama – F13 - ISO 100 – 11mm

This past week, I got the chance of a lifetime.  A once in a moon opportunity to shoot with a great teacher, a mentor and more importantly someone I call a friend.  Kent Weakley came through Nashville on his way to St. Louis to help out with one of his son’s robotic team.  A week or so before, he had sent me an email asking if I wanted to do a night shoot of Nashville.  WOW, he asked me to shoot with him!  My wife said I was walking around like someone with a school girl crush.  I guess I was :~)

Skyline Sunset April 25-010-Edit-Edit-Edit

Nashville in the round-A whole new perspective

The above pic is one that was inspired by a photo Kent posted on his blog a couple of weeks ago.  Over dinner on the night he was in town, Kent and I were talking about Photoshop and different editing techniques.  He mentioned a tree in his neighborhood that he has shot numerous times and how he tries to look at it from different angles and perspectives.  Kent talked  about how he used Photoshop to give the tree that different look.  He walked me through the steps, but I’ve got to tell ya, the Rueben sandwich I was eating was really good, and that’s about all I remembered when I got home.  Sorry Kent, it wasn’t that your explanation was boring, it  was the fact that the dang Rueben was so good!

So I got to thinking of all my photos of the Nashville Skyline from the Shelby Street Walking Bridge.  You know me, I can’t leave well enough alone and I had to try it!   Nashville in a whole new perspective.  I’m going to post a how to later this week on the technique used in the Nashville in the round photo. 


Skyline Sunset April 25-013-Edit-Edit

Blue Nashville - F11 - ISO 100 – 11mm – 30 second exposure

During our shoot that evening I learned a lot about Kent, and how he got started in the business.  Being the learning sponge I am, I took everything he said to heart.  Even the thought of changing my white balance to fluorescent to help pump up the blues during blue hour was a cool little tip.    Just remember to set it back to your normal setting, or that next model shoot has everyone looking like Smurfs!  LOL!

When it comes down to it, I was anticipating some magic that evening.  Some direction on what to do with my life as far as photography goes.  A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about standing on the edge of a cliff, wanting to take that next step with my photography.  Well I came away from that dinner and night shoot with Kent filled with excitement, anticipation and a willingness to continue on.  Am I ready to due this full time?  The answer is a resounding NO!!!!  But am I ready and willing  to take on whatever this old world has to offer.  Why?  Because of people like Kent who teach and motivate me on a daily basis!

I guess this post serves double duty, because I am including it as my Sweet Shot Tuesday post as well.  See, this is how I met Kent, through Darcy over at Life with 3 Boybarians.  So if you get a chance, look her up and check out the other inspiring and motivating Sweet Shots from around out little planet we call home!

Kent, THANK YOU for all you do, for all you teach, and for being a friend!!!!!

sig line dec

Sweet Shot Day

And if you are interested in taking your photography to the next level, let me recommend you look into Kent’s E-classes.  Right now there are 2 classes on Night Photography, and one on Composition ( I took that one as well).  Over dinner Kent shared that there are several more in the works, and I can’t wait!  Jump on over and take a look, I think you will be pleased :~)

NightPhotoGrabButton PhotoComp125button PhotoChat125_052411

Also mark May 24th on your calendar as well for the next Twitter Live PhotoChat with both of my favorite photography related bloggers Darcy and Kent !

OK, that’s it…I quit :~)