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Well, it's me of course! Hi, I'm Scott, just an ordinary guy who loves life and all the little nuances that it brings! Simply put, I'm a father to a wonderful son, a husband to a beautiful wife, and an amateur photographer who enjoys looking at the world through a piece of glass! I took up photography a couple of years ago, after having gastric bypass surgery. Since 12/07, I have lost 180 pounds, but found a real passion for documenting life with my camera. I could say that the big names out there have inspired me, and they have, But my true inspiration comes from the people I meet everyday who share the same thoughts and zeal I have for photography. We are truly blessed with some really great photographers around Nashville. So, what are you waiting for.... ...grab a camera, snap some pics, and enjoy life to the fullest!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Winner, winner, chicken dinner……..

……well, not for me!

I did not win, nor was I an Honorable Mention in the photo contest I entered the other day. It was the one for “Breast Cancer Awareness Month” from I ♥ Faces.

You know, there is one part of me that says, “Geez Scott, did you really expect to win?” Not really, because there are some really good, no let me scratch that statement. There are some really great photog’s that entered. I mean some of the shots blew me away! But then some of them were really boring! Click here for the winning entries and honorable mentions.

I guess I’m a little biased with my shots. When I posted this shot, I really felt good about it. I could feel the emotion of the runners, but more importantly how the woman in the pink hat felt.

Then again, sometimes it’s nice to be shot down so to say. No, I did not expect to win, but I did expect at least an honorable mention.

What does this type of rejection do to a person? 1of 2 things is going to happen…

1) I’m going to sit on my butt and never enter another contest again. In fact, I’m never going to take another picture again!


2) I’m going to pick myself up, dust myself off, and start snapping pics right away!

Well guys and gals, the answer is #2. In fact, this afternoon, I plan on taking RJ to watch his old football team play. And you just know my camera is going to be in my hand. Football 07

Then later this afternoon, or tomorrow sometime, I plan on driving around and getting some fall foliage shots. The leaves are just about at their peak, or just beyond, and I’ve been waiting for this time of year!Keebler Elves 08

So, be prepared for some new photos and reflections from me…

1 words of love !:

Susy said...

i knew it...your going to keep taking those shots that you do so well. you really do have a eye for taking pics. Your camera is amazing. keep clicking Scott!