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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Barns and Mohawks!

This has been the first day I have been able to shoot in quite a while, and man oh man, I miss it! 

My good friend Melinda and I decided that it was time to grab our cameras and head out.  I mean this is the first weekend since “The Great Flood of Nashville”, that it has not rained.  My wife gave me her blessing because she said, “Go, you need this, and so do we”.  I wonder what she meant by that?  I think I know!  Taking photos recharges me, hopefully it will recharge my attitude as well.

Gallatin -1

I left my house around 5:30 with fear that it was not going to be a good day.  The fog was thick, and the sunlight that I desperately needed was no where to be found. I picked up Melinda, and we headed toward Starbucks.  Come on, you don’t think I could start the day without my coffee did ya?

  Gallatin -3

I drove, and Melinda navigated.  She had spotted a few barns and other assorted photo ops earlier in the week.  So we headed out with cameras in one hand and Starbucks in the other.
 Gallatin -4

A couple of things stood out from this trip:
   Gallatin -1-2

One was  Melinda talked about a rock formation, and when she described it, I knew exactly what she was talking about!  She called it “The Mohawk”, because she said it looked liked the top of a Mohawk hair cut. The scary thing is, I understood.
 Gallatin -7

The second thing was the amount of knowledge she knew about this tree.  It was amazing how passionate she was.  I have to agree, the tree was full of character!  It was almost as if it was one of the “Tree People” from The Lord Of The Rings!

Gallatin -8

I just love this pic.  I know it’s kind of funky, but the layout almost makes it look “toy like”.  Almost like a tilt shift photo!  The statement “Beauty is in the eye of beholder” is about right here!

Gallatin -10

All in all it was an enjoyable day shooting with a friend!  Oh yeah, just for you Melinda…I lied, I did take your pic!

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RecoveringFatty said...

I thought a good title of Mohawk would be "Mohawk Mountain"! Yeah I asked you to not take pics of me... and then you put them all over the internet!! LOL.