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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Country Music Marathon 2010

CMC 2010-5CMC 2010-2

What can I say?  It was a wonderful day that was threatening huge thunderstorms.  It was so bad, the powers that be thought about making it a 1/2 marathon.  Wonder if they gave a refund?  Anyway, I got there early, in fact so early, I was the only one on the corner, waiting for the sunrise.  My vantage point…the 6 mile mark.  You don’t think I would do the full 26 miles did ya?

 CMC 2010-4CMC 2010-8

It wasn’t too long before we saw the one and only wheel chair runner come by.  Man, this guy was flying.  But right on his heals, were the Olympic runners.  The “Elite Runners” as they were called.  They were flying also.


 CMC 2010-3CMC 2010-9

After a while we started seeing a few more runners and the bicyclists.  I think if I ever do participate in a marathon, it will be on a bicycle! 

CMC 2010-11CMC 2010-10

While editing these photos, I could not help but notice the intensity and drive these runners had.  I mean come on, to run 26 miles in less than 5 hours, that’s amazing! 

CMC 2010-12CMC 2010-13

I tell ya, I’m glad I’m bald!  There, I said it.  I wonder if pony tail girl had whip marks on her back after the race?  I don’t think I could handle that thing smacking my back for 26 miles! :(  And notice the other girl looks like she’s running for her life!    I think the males behind her  were just trying to catch her.  In my best caveman voice “Ug, she’s mine if I can catch up with her”!  

CMC 2010-17CMC 2010-23

I can’t help but wonder what people think when they are running.  Dude on the left must be listening to some killer jam on those ear buds!  And the girl on the right is a good friend of mine from work.  I’m so proud of her, she makes this look so easy!

CMC 2010-18CMC 2010-24

CMC 2010-14CMC 2010-16

CMC 2010-20 CMC 2010-26

Our marathon is noted for some of the crazy costumes people wear when running.  I missed the best one of the day though.  He was running in pink spandex short shorts, a pink camisole and bunny ears!  Wouldn’t you know it, I was changing memory cards as he flew by!  But we had some really cute ones as well!  There was the girl running is a grass skirt.  As she went by, she smiled, and from that smile you could tell she really enjoyed what she was doing.  Then I thought the guy in the tiger stripes was the drummer from  Def Leopard.  But my all time favorite…Juggle Boy!  Come on, that really takes skill.  I’ve seen him before and was really impressed.  Heck, I have trouble walking and chewing gum!

CMC 2010-25


CMC 2010-21

And then sometimes, you just have to get on your bike and head to the house!  That’s what I did!

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