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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Fix-it-Friday ~ I Heart Faces


Time for another Fix It Friday from my favorite spot on the web…I ♥ Faces!

This week has been a blur for me.  I had my first “professional” photo shoot.  That’s right folks, I got paid to take photographs.  Let’s just say this, I learned a lot.  Number one thing, it takes quite a while to edit 455 pics.  I don’t think I’ll be making that mistake again soon!  So when I saw it was Friday, I knew I could count on Angie and Amy to provide me with a break from editing for
$’s and start editing for

Here’s the original Natalie P. over at “And Then There Were Three”.  A little birdy told me that “And Then There Were Three” is exapnding her blog and might be adding the #4 to the title!  Congrats Natalie, one was plenty for my wife and I!  If you get a chance, head over to “And Then There Were Three” and drop a note to this lovely lady!

Okay, here’s the pic Natalie gave us to work with.  This is her adorable daughter, Abigail, straight out of the camera!


Normal workflow:

  1. Import into to Lightroom.
  2. Auto adjust exposure.
  3. Check white balance and add a little warmth to the photo.
  4. Bump up the following: blacks, clarity, and vibrancy.

At this point, I usually take the adjustment brush and do some skin smoothing.  Today I did not do that.  Wendy C. over at Wendy C. Photography turned me on to one of the easiest and most productive PS Actions I have ever used.  I’ve used several actions in the past, but always get confused on where to use a mask, and what is too much, or too little for that fact.  But not this one!  Nichole V rocks, that’s about all I can say!


I purchased the Photo Fix Action Set this past week, and I was truly amazed.  This was so easy, and really helped with those 455 photos as well!  When you run the actions included in this set, a new window pops up and tells you what size brush, what opacity and so on.  This just took the guess work out of it and made life simpler!  Actions rule!!!!!


So ok, back to photo editing.  In PS I ran the following action sets:

  1. Skin Smooth
  2. Eye Pop
  3. Selective Sharpening




I also used the patch brush too dust off her hat, and take some of the dark circles around her eyes and other blemishes away.  From here I went back to LR and used Matt Kloskowski’s Soft Focus Preset.



And there you go. 

Enjoy life, snap some shots, and have fun. 

That’s what I’m gonna do!


5 words of love !:

Cindy said...

Wow Scott, that is amazing!

chesley said...

you did a great job! congrats on your 1st paid shoot!!

Donna said...

great editing those Nic Van actions.

Jana said...

wow that is my fave edit I have seen so far. I need to learn some things from you!! the beginning of May is fast approaching, I hope you'll be able to come to the photography club meeting it was great!

also congrats on being a paid photographer! for every 250 I take I usually edit about I dont go insane ;) I dont envy the editing vortex!!!

Ive been super busy too! I wanted to go to Louisville but didnt sign up because its 3+ hrs away and I didnt want to drive alone :( I wonder if there is still space though.... sorry this comment went on forever.

patty said...

you did a great job-she's just lovely!