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Well, it's me of course! Hi, I'm Scott, just an ordinary guy who loves life and all the little nuances that it brings! Simply put, I'm a father to a wonderful son, a husband to a beautiful wife, and an amateur photographer who enjoys looking at the world through a piece of glass! I took up photography a couple of years ago, after having gastric bypass surgery. Since 12/07, I have lost 180 pounds, but found a real passion for documenting life with my camera. I could say that the big names out there have inspired me, and they have, But my true inspiration comes from the people I meet everyday who share the same thoughts and zeal I have for photography. We are truly blessed with some really great photographers around Nashville. So, what are you waiting for.... ...grab a camera, snap some pics, and enjoy life to the fullest!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sweet Shot Tuesday

Sweet Shot Day

Time for another “Sweet Shot Tuesday” over at My Life with 3 Boybarians.

I tell you, I just love the thought of sharing photos with the world.  There is truly nothing like it.  To be able to take a photo and put it up for the world to see is exhilarating.  Sometimes I wonder if that is what DaVinci felt when he painted the Mona Lisa?  OK, enough rambling.

This last weekend I had my first “professional” photo shoot.  that’s right, I actually got paid to take pictures of someone.  It was a blast, and the client was really impressed and happy.  That’s all that matters!  While I was scouting out the park for potential shots, I ran across on of the budding trees in Nashville. 

So, here is my entry to this weeks “Sweet Shot Tuesday”.



8 words of love !:

The Household 6 Diva said...

LOVE the shallow depth of field you chose for this shot!

And the COLOR *sigh* I can't wait for spring (Azaleas aren't blooming in Germany yet!)

Now I'm going to surf the list of links in your sidebar - thank you for sharing them! (I'm new to photography too!)

Sheri said...

So beautiful!

Donna said...

beautiful Spring capture.

Tricia said...

Such a lovely shot! Congrats on your first payed gig. How exciting!

Diana said...

Wow! Beautiful shot!

Amanda said...

Gorgeous shot! So soft yet so crisp too. Love the composition also.

Darcy @ m3b said...

Oh, that background is like butter!

But you're making me jealous of your season. We finally got rid of snow here in Iowa.

I guess this can make me hopeful.

Jana said...

I tried to post a comment here before and my computer was being grumpy. I loooove this shot. Its dreamy. oh and that shot of you on the sidebar? is one of my fave portraits ever. Everyone knows your name around here. We all love your face...including my neighbor. The first Tuesday in May is the photog club meeting in Brentwood!!! email me if you need more details!!