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Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Deer Poop Photo Walk

A couple of weeks ago, I took off for one of my weekend photo walks. One of my friends told her husband about my photo walks around town and he said, “You mean he just gets out, walks around, and takes photos?”, she said “Yeah, and you should go with him some day”. We’ll have to wait and see if he takes me up on it!

This time I hit Radnor Lake on the out skirts Nashville.  What a great little park.  The flower and fauna are gorgeous, but the most amazing thing is the deer and other animals that abound in the park!  I have never seen deer that literally just look at you like, “Here I am, let me pose for ya while you snap that shot”.  Unreal is the word!
Radnor Lake 7-17-10-11
Radnor Lake 7-17-10-6 Radnor Lake 7-17-10-10 Radnor Lake 7-17-10-5

Here’s a little history of the lake as provided by their website:

In 1913 the L&N Railroad Company purchased a thousand acres in the Overton hills south of Nashville for the purpose of constructing an earthen reservoir large enough to supply water for its steam engines and livestock at nearby Radnor Yards.

It was also intended to provide a private hunting and fishing preserve for L&N officials and their guests. But soon after construction, birds discovered the haven too and began feeding and resting there during their annual migration.

Efforts to preserve the Radnor Lake area began in 1923 when an L&N executive stopped all hunting and fishing and declared the site a "Wildlife Sanctuary" at the request of the Tennessee Ornithological Society. The beginning of Radnor Lake as we know it today was born.

Radnor Lake 7-17-10-9 Radnor Lake 7-17-10-12
Radnor Lake 7-17-10-3 Radnor Lake 7-17-10-2 Radnor Lake 7-17-10-4

Radnor Lake 7-17-10-7 Radnor Lake 7-17-10-8
Now I’m sure you are wondering about the title of this post.  As I was taking some photos of the deer, several of them walked right out on Otter Creek Road that surrounds the lake.  Here I am, city boy and all, watching the deer and not watching where I was going.  That’s right, I’m sure you know what happened, I stepped right in a big ole pile of deer poop!  You think I would have least smelt it before I stepped in it. 

As far as the husband of my friend going with me, I think this statement has all but sealed the fact that he won’t go now!

On a side note, this walk was inspired by a friend of mine who is doing a year long project called  “This week at the lake”.  If you get a chance, hop over to Malcolm's site and check out his amazing photos!

Well that’s it for today, wonder what I’ll step in next time?
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