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Well, it's me of course! Hi, I'm Scott, just an ordinary guy who loves life and all the little nuances that it brings! Simply put, I'm a father to a wonderful son, a husband to a beautiful wife, and an amateur photographer who enjoys looking at the world through a piece of glass! I took up photography a couple of years ago, after having gastric bypass surgery. Since 12/07, I have lost 180 pounds, but found a real passion for documenting life with my camera. I could say that the big names out there have inspired me, and they have, But my true inspiration comes from the people I meet everyday who share the same thoughts and zeal I have for photography. We are truly blessed with some really great photographers around Nashville. So, what are you waiting for.... ...grab a camera, snap some pics, and enjoy life to the fullest!

Monday, July 12, 2010

July 12th – My Story In Photos: I Heart My Country

Before I can tell you about the country that I love, I must first tell you my story.  You see, before I really got into photography, I was into food.  I’m talking in a “big” way.  You see, at one time, I weighed in at 385 pounds.  That’s right, I was one big boy.

365 pounds Scott & Danny cropped  100_0137 Well, at the point the photos were taken, it was all I could do to get out of bed.  I mean I worked, heck, I worked all the time, but it was hard. 

In February of 2007, my work went on a retreat to Big South Fork, a great area for hiking and such.  Well, let’s just say at one point I thought my 9 year was going to have to drag my fat bottom out of the woods.  During a short little walk in the woods, I almost passed out.  I got dizzy, couldn’t breath, and honestly thought this was it, it’s the big one and I’m out of here!  It was the turning point in my life.  I researched and starting working on the thought of having gastric bypass surgery.  I have to add this in though, my wife had the same surgery in June of that year, and I had mine in December.

Since that time, we have lost a total of 415 pounds!  That’s right, you heard me 415 pounds!  Beth and Scott 2

And one of the biggest things to help…photography! 

Since surgery, just having that camera in my hand has forced me to get out and walk.  I carry my camera with me everywhere, and jump at the opportunity to shoot something.

I’m not a world traveler, but have had the chance to capture a few different cities.  Last year I was the event photographer for the Lead Women's Pastor Project with the United Methodist Church, which gave me to chance to head to West Palm Beach, FLA.fisherman at sunrise

Then another op presented itself and I got to travel to Dallas, TX. for a vacation.  What a state Texas is, really loved that trip.

Texas ranger inside pano-30

But I think Feb. of this year things really changed.  I stepped out of my comfort zone and did something by myself.  You see, being out of weight and over shaped for so many years, I was the shy, fat guy who hid in the shadows.  I didn't date much, heck, I did not get married until I was 35! When I did do things, I surrounded myself with people I knew.  During last years Scott Kelby Photo walk, I talked 6 of my weight loss buddies into going with me so I would not be alone.  How pitiful is that?

 -111 saturday morn shopping

Anyway, back to Feb. of this year.  I ♥ Faces came to Nashville for Blissdom.  Soon as I saw they were having a photo walk, on my birthday, I knew I had to be involved!  What fun to meet so many new and exciting people.  Especially one's who share a love of photography!  From that one photo walk I have changed my whole outlook on life, or my country if you will!  Shoot, I even drove to Louisville to be part of the I ♥ Faces Photo Walk across America!

 I Heart Faces Louisville-179-Edit-Edit-Edit  I Heart Faces Louisville-240-Edit  

But here’s what I truly love about my country, it’s the beauty that is all around us!

The beauty that is the eyes of a child.

Lexi and family-120-Edit-Edit-Edit 

The beauty that nature provides us.

 Old Stone Fort

Or the beauty that’s at the end of a perfect day.

Old Stone Fort-12 

Or how about the beauty that your own city holds.

Nightime Nashville-6

Life has changed drastically for me, and it’s still changing everyday.  But you know what?  I’m ♥ing each and every minute of it!

That’s it, that’s me, and that’s why I ♥ my country!

 Jana (Taken by Jana at the I ♥ Faces Photo Walk in Nashville)

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Kristine said...

just came across you stie through I heat faces and I must tell you you and your wife are so inspiring. And your photography is great too.

Lowry Family said...

What an awesome journey. Thanks for sharing it with us. I love the pictures you chose. They are beautiful.

SarahinSC said...

Neat post! I can relate to a lot of that. Good for you for taking control and being happy with your life!

Misty said...

What an inspiring,fantastic story! Your images are beautiful. Thank you very much for sharing your story and photos!

A New England Life said...

Good for you in turning your life around! Although I've never been overweight I can only imagine the daily struggle you must have gone though. So nice to read such a positive story.

Photography changed my life too. That's the great thing about it, it just makes you look at everything differently. The challenges are unending.

Wishing you and your wife all the best!

I Heart Faces said...

Awww Scott - we heart you a bunch! :)

-Angie & Amy

denean said...

Thanks for sharing your amazing story - truly you are an inspiration!

Shannon said...

What a great story and photos! I was glad to have met you at the photo walk in Louisville. You are a great person!

Life with Kaishon said...

This was SO beautiful Scott. I am so glad that your life has changed it such amazing ways. I am very, very happy for you and the way you have grown because of photography. How wonderful!

This post inspired me so much.

Lindsay said...

Scott! Don't know if you remember me but we were on the Nashville PhotoWalk together. Just found your blog again and wanted to tell you I Heart this story! Really, just love how inspiring photography can be and what it's done for you.

Hollie said...

great story and BEAUTIFUL shots!

Ellie said...

Yay for you! your photos are gorgeous and your story is inspiring!

Danielle said...

Scott, what a great story!! You are both looking fabulous! I am in Texas and I must agree, it is pretty fantastic! Thanks for sharing your story, I always love reading your posts!

My Photographic Eye by Irela said...

Beautiful inspiring story....thanks for sharing it and the awesome photos. :)