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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sweet Shot Tuesday – RJ


Catching a photo of my son, is as hard as chasing the abominable snowman!  I mean, he’s suppose to exist, but you hardly ever see him.  I’m talking about the snowman, not RJ!  When the camera comes out, all I usually see is a blur running down the hallway being followed by the words, “really papa, really”?

Well this past week he comes to me and say, “Grab the camera, I think the professor is dead!”  The professor is a neighborhood cat that bears a strong resemblance to Professor MaGonicals cat from Harry Potter.  Any who, professor was not dead, but lounging in the sun.

RJ purple-3

As I grabbed my camera, RJ grabbed my old one, and away we went.  While he was shooting the supposedly dead cat…with the camera, I was shooting him.  This is my boy, he’s all boy, all the time and I love him dearly!

There are times when I had a cute daughter so I could do some of these dreamy shots like Florabella Luxe, or Angie , or Patti Brown, but I don’t.  So, I take what I can get, and this is him!

Triptych template

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